The importance of communicating.

The importance of doing it well.

Alessandra Bertona Communication
Our services as a Communication Agency

The services of the Alessandra Bertona Communication agency aim to increase the brand's visibility and reputation, by intercepting the right audience.

Press Office

Turning products and events into news

Digital PR

The web is a tool with incredible potential

Social Media Management

Social networks are the mirror of companies.


The services of the Alessandra Bertona Communication agency aim to increase the brand's visibility and reputation. Each project requires the implementation of specific actions.


Good products or great ideas are not enough. In order to talk about a brand it is necessary to know how to communicate those products and ideas in the best way.


A strategic path to increase customer visibility  through a creative, always updated and professional action plan capable of transforming an idea into action.


Listening and constant interaction are the strengths of the agency because only through an open and continuous dialogue with the customer can truly effective results be obtained.


Specialized in communication for design and architecture, the agency proposes itself as a true communication atelier that offers a tailor-made service.

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