Swing, sliding and cavity-wall doors, as well as walk-in wardrobes, room dividing systems and bookcases. ALBED is a Delmonte srl brand that has been making products that offer functional and innovative solutions to furnish home and commercial spaces in a dynamic and current way for over 50 years. These products become the key feature in the spaces they are placed, working with and enhancing the architecture and ensuring a sense of stylistic and aesthetic continuity. The brand’s strength lies in its ability to make bespoke products by tailoring them to the needs of individual projects.


More than 50 years have passed since the creation of what is now a leading company in processing feather and down for the home and hotel industries. Cinelli Piume e Piumini.
Cinelli Piume e Piumini makes all its products in Italy, in its facility in Buggiano (PT), in accordance with strict parameters that attest to the premium quality of the end product. It is only after passing many quality controls that the “Cinelli guaranteed product” certification is given.


Dialma Brown is a young company that has been able to make its mark on the international market with its unique, distinctive style. Everything Dialma Brown makes features an unmistakeable quality, starting from the “old” wood which is the leitmotif running throughout all the collections. Dialma Brown preserves the craftsmanship values of times gone by and uses “quintessential Italian” skill to translate it into contemporary pieces. Dialma Brown furniture is achieved by updating and enhancing different styles, thus ensuring that they take rooms to new levels, every time.


Marchi Cucine can boast over 40 years of experience in the world of artisan kitchens and today is a veritable Italian excellence that has combined tradition and innovation to update itself to become a brand that is well-known throughout Italy and abroad. All the kitchen styles, whether classic, industrial, country or contemporary, are imbued with a unique, unmistakeable feel: Marchi Cucine has an indelible “trademark” that is synonymous with reliability and timeless elegance.


Morelato is an important exponent of Italian cabinet making that has facilitated the re-interpretation of classical furniture models, making them functional to present furnishing requirements for both home and collective spaces. In the furniture sector Morelato, with the recovery of the values of the culture of craft, skills and with its large collection, is considered as regards to design, production and sales, a culturally acknowledged brand.


Scandola’s story is one of a passion for wood and a love for the local territory. Founded in 1976, 1,100 metres above sea level on the Lessini Mountains (VR), its manufacturing is still done there today in a space spanning 10,000 m2. Scandola is a real artisan tailor for modern-day living. All its furniture can be customised and is designed and quality controlled, right down to the smallest detail, to guarantee the highest quality and durability over time. Every process is carried out by following the criteria of excellence that meet the requirements of artisan production that is 100% Made in Italy.


For four generations, Toscanini’s passion has been the material that takes shape and gives life to objects that merge function with design: hangers and solutions for hanging and displaying clothing, accessories and shoes. Founded in Piedmont in the 1920s, today the company has a hundred years of history at its back and is a symbol of quintessential Italian excellence in the world of fashion and interior design internationally. With the Toscanini SuMisura brand, Toscanini offers collections for men, women and children online. High-quality solutions that are perfect gift ideas.


Rubinetterie Treemme conserves the values of the past, with a customer focus and premium quality materials, investing in research and technology to offer increasingly innovative products. After more than 50 years of being in business, this is a solid, established company that is focused on the needs of the international market. Rubinetterie Treemme continues to improve at a structural level also, with the recent introduction of new painting and plating facilities and the renovation of its entire production department in its Asciano, Siena facility.