Effective Communication for the Brand

Good products and great ideas are not enough. To get people talking about a brand, you must know how to communicate those products and ideas in the best way possible. All the more so in the extremely competitive and constantly evolving world like the one we live in today.

The services of the Alessandra Bertona Communication Agency strive to do precisely that: increase the visibility and reputation of your brand, by intercepting the right audience for your company.

A Bespoke Communication Strategy

Specialising in communication for the design and architecture fields, the Alessandra Bertona Agency offers its services as a veritable communication atelier. We are a young and dynamic company that provides bespoke services through our team of experts.

Indeed, there is no one communication strategy that fits all. Every project requires implementing special actions, designed around the needs of the brand. That is why the Alessandra Bertona Communication Agency always starts by discussing with the company directly, assessing on a case-by-case basis the – online and offline – tools to use and which content should be promoted.

Listening and constant interaction are the fortes of our agency because it is only through open, ongoing dialogue with our clients that we can get truly effective results.

The services of the Alessandra Bertona Communication Agency include

  • press office: established relationships with traditional media, both in the B2C and B2B sectors, which allow us to transform your company’s products into news. Indeed, in the digital age, being in print is fundamental for improving your brand’s reputation within public opinion.
  • digital PR: developing valuable content to increase your visibility online and monitoring the internet to understand how your company is perceived. In a hyper-connected world, digital PR is necessary to reach and win over customers online.
  • social media management: social media allows you to create relationships. This offers great opportunities for your brand, which can establish a dialogue with its audience. To get effective results on social media, however, you must manage them professionally. There is no room for improvisation.
  • events: while social networks help to initiate dialogue with your company, events make this dialogue a reality. However, for this to happen the events must be memorable and get people talking.
  • media planning: advertising planning is a key element that companies must include in their marketing budget every year. Media planning supports public relations and digital PR and rounds out the communication strategy of a brand.

Design and communication strategy: companies are becoming ever more aware of the need to reposition and innovate: This branding process entails specific skills that are often not present within companies. Thanks to the support of an established network of consultants, the Alessandra Bertona communication agency provides services that can assist companies with this change.