Strategic consultancy design and communication

Today companies are becoming ever more aware of the need to reposition themselves. This process of innovation is crucial for being competitive, however, often companies cannot rely on their internal staff to undertake it.

Alessandra Bertona Communication is here to help the company with this branding and repositioning process through the support of its network of trusted consultantsFrom graphic design to design management and art direction, the agency provides a wide range of strategic consulting services for design and communication.

Below you can find some of the strategic design and communication consulting services that the Alessandra Bertona Communication Agency is able to guarantee through its trusted consultants and experts.

Visual Consultancy

The visual language is fundamental when it comes to creating a strong identity for a company and enhancing the brand image (ideation, graphic design, and the production of all promotional materials, such as brochures, catalogues and packaging).

Branding and Design Management

Do you need help repositioning your company? Design Managers strategically manage this renewal process.
A Design Manager can:

  • identify the strengths of your brand and suggest how you can make the most of them
  • establish the best design strategy for your target market
  • identify new strategic scenarios
  • develop innovative design services and products
  • give you the tools to plan and manage every stage in the process in-house

In other words, the Design Manager is a kind of coach who “trains you to run alone”. They play a crucial part in acquiring a design mentality, which you can use to derive a competitive advantage.

Art Direction

Art Directors “creatively advise” brands. On the one hand, they define the company’s style guidelines and work with the designers to develop new product lines and oversee the various design stages. On the other, they liaise with the communication department/agency to help the company create a consistent, coherent image. Thus, this is the person that oversees and coordinates all creative aspects with the aim of strengthening the identity of your brand. This is a role with specific skills that are unusual to find already present within a company.