Digital PR

The internet is a tool that possesses incredible potential. Today more than ever before we are relying on the internet to choose which restaurants to eat in, searching ideas for the home or deciding which product to buy. If searching for information on Google before buying something has become an essential step, it goes without saying that during this research stage it is the reputation of the brand that makes the difference. That is where digital PR comes in.

Digital PR does just that. It entails monitoring the internet to understand how the company is perceived and taking that as the starting point to implement a series of strategies that will increase the visibility and reputation of your brand.

How to Reach Potential Customers on the Internet

On the internet, it’s the customer who comes to you, as long as you create and share valuable content. This does not mean merely having a website (a necessary starting point, but not enough on its own) but also means generating profiled traffic through the creation of a company blog, using social networks effectively and getting others talking about you on the internet through digital PR.

How to Build an Online Reputation with Digital PR

Relations with Online Magazines, Blogs and Influencers

Implementing digital PR means generating interest and improving your online reputation by creating content yet, more than anything else, it means creating relationships with the online media (websites, online magazines and blogs) and with influencers.

Influencer Relations

While today’s hyper-connected world has us increasingly looking to the internet for our information, this overdose of news can actually make it very difficult to choose. That is precisely where digital PR comes into play, which builds relationships with influencers. We’re talking about bloggers, instagrammers, trendsetters and people who are perceived as reliable by a community that is ready to follow their advice as if they were a friend. This is a person who, if chosen carefully, can be valuable in raising brand awareness and improving how a company is perceived.

Digital PR in detail (or what we can reveal)

  • Content creation:preparing news for the internet, written using SEO copywriting techniques.
  • Online media mapping: identifying the websites, online magazines and blogs to send the news to.
  • Influencer campaigns: searching for influencers to involve in events and online activities that get people talking about the brand.
  • Monitoring and analysis: monitoring the internet, using specific tools, to understand how your brand and its competitors are perceived.

However, the Alessandra Bertona Communication Agency’s work online does not stop with digital PR. Discover our other services, which include social media management and content marketing.