Press office

Transforming products and events into news: this is the goal we set ourselves every day with our press office work. We are able to achieve this goal thanks to our established relationships with Italian and international journalists, both in the B2C and B2B sectors, which have been built over the more than 15 years we have been in business.

Indeed, even in the digital age, print continues to play a fundamental role, being perceived by public opinion as one of the most authoritative voices when it comes to information. Being in magazines and newspapers, thanks to good press office, is now crucial for strengthening the image and reputation of a brand.

The Importance of Relations

To get space in the media, in addition to effective and skilfully crafted communication, it is useful to have an excellent network of contacts that you can reach out to spread the word through successful, established press office.

You have to focus on a mix of incentives to make the product or service that you are marketing interesting to the target media so that they will talk about it on their channels.

Below is a list of the press office work that the Alessandra Bertona Communication does:

  • mapping the target media;
  • drafting press releases;
  • creating press kits;
  • drafting texts for company materials (brochures, newsletters, etc.);
  • assistance during trade shows and events;
  • organising events, press days and press tours;
  • managing press reviews;
  • monitoring and analysing results.

Each one of these activities will be tailored to the specific needs of your brand. Because there is no one press office blueprint that works for everyone. So, we develop a bespoke plan together with our clients to make their brand attractive to the press. An assessment of the direction taken will then be carried out to see if it is the right one or if the strategy needs to be revised.

Our clients are what matter to us here at the Alessandra Bertona Communication Agency. We listen to their every need to provide and guarantee bespoke press office.