Let’s make one thing clear: working with social networks and knowing how to manage them takes constant training and retraining. This represents the cornerstone of any social media management agency.

One thing is certain, managing platforms like social networks takes a lot of time and organisation. Nothing can be left to chance and everything that is posted must be well thought out, defined and planned in line with brand’s communication strategy.

Because today, social network profiles reflect the companies behind them. Everything you see published is the result of work, study and hours of brain storming for a social media management agency.

As a social media management agency, you must curate the image and content on your clients’ social media. How? First and foremost, by listening to the needs of the company, analysing its competitors (which social media platforms they use and how they manage their profiles), and studying the best language to adopt to establish a communication strategy that is in keeping with the brand. It is important to be on social media yet is also important to choose which social network it is best to be on.

We’ve provided the steps a social media management agency should follow briefly below:

  • Have a clear communication strategy (the audience you are speaking to, the language to use, the objectives) which helps the day-to-day work of a social media management agency.
  • Create brand pages and profiles so that they reflect the company’s identity (who it is, what it wants to say and how it wants to do it).
  • Manage profiles every day, and constantly throughout the day, to promptly monitor messages and comments. A social media management agency is tasked with responding to users within a few minutes, even with a simple “we’ll get back to you soon with more information regarding your request”, which allows you more time to discuss with your client.
  • Perhaps the most engaging part of a social media management agency lies in preparing an editorial calendar with the topics to be covered in the upcoming months. These can include general and brand product content and this depends on the strategy that you want to adopt as a social media management agency.
  • Plan posts and possibly enter into sponsorships to promote the content.
  • Monitor the progress of the profiles, analysing the results and drawing up reports that allow you to assess whether the social media activity is effective or something must be tweaked.

For a social media management agency, planning lies at the foundation of this activity because it allows us to logically build a communication strategy.

As a social media management agency, we are tasked with also setting the time frames and coordinating the various players involved, including the graphic design agency, which is often external to the company, the client who must provide their approval, and the art director who wants to view the photos, and so on and so forth.

So a social media management agency must also liaise considerably with others, as well as manage social network profiles.